Tuesday, December 23, 2008

We're So Close

While I was off attending to other urgent matters (read: affection-hoarding), Pity and Lego got to work Sunday. They reinforced the monitor shelf for the newly donated CRT, mounted the control box, and installed some motherfucking badass hinges on the panel for easy maintenance and access to the keyboard. (I need to remove it at least once more to silicone the I-Pac permanently.) We had a guest from out of town last night that was oblivious to the project (obviously not a KB devotee), so to show off we ran power and reconnected all of the components. Leaving something looking a bit like this:

Born to Fight
One issue arose, though. No sound. As much I wanted to blame my less than pristine speakers, there seemed to be something more complex afoot. After consulting with the Software Engineer (oddly enough the visitor's bro!), I pulled and reseated the soundcard, to no avail. Turns out I needed to disable the integrated sound on the PC's Bios which apparently had reset itself since the unit had been unpowered for a while during the recent transition. Apparently our mobo needs a new battery... Easy fix once determined, though.

There was quite a bit of enjoyment had on the old beast last night, and a lot of very positive feedback from the uninitiated which is always very encouraging. I do believe we will have the unit completed before the New Year, especially with some significant distractions temporarily out of the picture. We need to tilt the monitor back to align with the cabinet's structure, and properly secure the angle. Though there is some talk of looking into a newer, and sharper CRT... Beyond that, we need to complete the monitor surround, properly mount the speakers in the over hang panel, and build the light box with whatever logo is chosen.

Additionally we need to construct a lower shelf for the CPU, and run a permanent power supply. Then affix the front door on some hinges, assure some ventilation to the inner goings on, and perchance build it a proper base. There originally was talk of locking casters, but, unexpectedly, the height feels perfect at this point. May need to reconsider...

Oh yeah, keep forgetting to say here and in person that Lego has really been all over the painting. The entire project has transpired without me ever having to pick up a roller, and for that I am forever in his debt. He's been so on top of it, I haven't even had to think about it.

And apparently, this is a popular game for some of you out there...

Eat your heart out, Wiebe.
Double barrel jump, ftw. Anyways, we also need to decorate the bitch. As I mentioned we'll have to select some nice marquee art; I'm leaning towards XMvSF. Another popular suggestion is a Pac Man runner along the vertical elevation of the control panel, possibly with one character at each position and the requisite pellets filling in betwixt. Still a lot of ideas for the sides, too. Anybody know where to get cut vinyl?


Josh said...

I re-vote for 8-bit versions of the major players in this cabinet's creation. Just need to get some talent up on that and it'll be sweet.

Catherine said...

So what you're trying to say with that last picture there is that it's on like Donkey Kong?

You should put the J-Team logo on it, of course.

Killa said...

There is no J-Team logo...