Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Awww, Doggums!

Big Sis Prinny has been bugging me for awhile to recruit Dogmeat in Fallout. I've been trying to avoid NPCs for the most part, as I'm really more of a lone wolf. However, in trying to establish a respectable energy weapons collection, I endeavored to add the unique Laser Pistol Smuggler's End to have 'longside A321's Plasma Rifle. Elder Lyons' safe contained the elusive weapon, and unfortunately this time through I lacked both the 100 level Lockpick or Science skill to crack it. A quick trip to Scrapyard and a fast travel to the Citadel later, I am in possession of the desired scifi sidearm. Now where's that Alien Blaster...

Vault Dweller's Best Friend
Damn, I'm looking good. Tesla Armor FTW. (Oh, btw, that's A321's Plasma Rifle pictured. This was still at Scrapyard.)

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Josh said...

I'm running with Dogmeat and Star Paladin Cross.. they do come in handy distracting the enemies, but it takes awhile to get used to having them alongside you. And sometimes I tell them to wait somewhere, because they get in the way or run off and get killed.