Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Physics-Based Prizes

Had to run out briefly last night with Lego for some electrical cables, and, after checking out, I noticed I had a few quarters in my pocket, and, by god!, there was a claw machine that took quarters right by the exit.

You guessed it, bitches. Totally would've made Gordon Freeman proud, natch solving this physics-based puzzle off the break. (First try, for cereal.)

Chill, Penguin.
I think I may have gotten something out of a claw machine maybe once before, as a kid, in a bowling alley, after multiple tries. Don't know what possessed me to attempt this one, but, hell, it seemed relatively impressive at the time.


Josh said...

mad skillz!

Catherine said...

OMG put a claw machine in the basement next to the MAME cabinet.

Killa said...

Keif: "Omfg, who put Mojo in the claw machine?!"