Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Very Definition of Inane

This thing, about which I am about to talk, is so specific that I will go ahead and tell you now that there is no point in reading it.

I'll be talking a little today about one of my custom stages in SSBB, which, for the record, are: Boxed In (the high percentage training ground/tribute to Sudden Death), Twin Towers (edge-centric homage to the One Plane Theory), Killadelphia and Killadelphia 1.1. Killadelphia began as an interpolation of Hyrule Temple, and 1.1 is a slight revision.

I believe this phenomenon occurred in the original Killadelphia in a match between myself (as Meta Knight) and Lego (as DK). KP has a horizontally moving platform very near the top of the playing area, mostly centered. Lego and I were battling it out in the lower "hallway" of the stage when I snagged the ugly ape in a grab dead center, directly below the chasm splitting the upper level.

(Btw, it would help if you were familiar with Meta or Kirby's up throw.)

Anyways, the up throw ended on the moving platform, and the resultant bounce sent DK off the top and careening into the background. It was actually very reminiscent of Lego's Bowser special grab set up on Corneria, if you're feeling me. Anyways, due to the size of KP, in a one-on-one match you would have to blindly attempt this kill, as you can not see said platform from the nether regions of the stage. Was gia-intense in the heat of the moment, anyways.

I'm pretty sure this was OG KP, as KP1.1 I don't believe has the necessary platform, though in general I greatly prefer the nuances of 1.1, specifcally the lower hallway dynamics, the left side edge overhang, and the especially quirky inability to edge grab the upper right ledge. I think I may devise a 1.2 with the platform, and the lower left edge built into a wall (if possible) to allow Lucario (and other wall grabbers) to return from the point of (otherwise) no return. (...)

Will see if I can snag a screenshot next time to illustrate, because I'm sure this is 99% gibberish to 99% of you. So, yeah, Lego, HC13, this one was mostly for you (and me).

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Jennifer said...

This move is seriously boss if executed.

One day I will execute this *intentionally* to redeem myself from my cock ninja bullshit playing of this evening.

V for Vendetta, bitches.