Monday, December 1, 2008


So, yeah, just saw this glowing review for a dryer power cord.

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Sweet Dryer Cord, May 14, 2008
By boredatwork from Cuba, New Mexico

"Sears has done it again!!! This dryer cord is the best dryer cord I have ever owned. Where other cords come short, this 4' cord stretches to meet the demand. I cannot get over the amazing craftsmanship that Sears put into making this dryer cord a reality. Great job Sears. Have a pat on the back."

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Like, omg, are you for cereal? I mean, either it works or it doesn't. "Stretches to meet the demand"? Is it four feet or not? I mean, wtf? No, this review was not helpful to me. I think boredatwork from Cuba, NM may have an alternating current fetish or something...

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