Monday, December 29, 2008


The decision came down to relocate the cabinet to the retro basement room (as opposed to the fluff and fold facility). Good a time as any to make a few mods, since the control panel and CRT had to come out to move it. The CPU and transcoder were placed inside the enclosure on a newly constructed shelf, and the lower front panel has been fabricated, with a fixed piece at the bottom, and an access door hinged to swing downwards. Oh, and the I-Pac has (hopefully) been chemically adhered in a more permanent fashion now, too. How many more finishing touches will happen before the New Year's? You may just have to show up to find out.

After putting everything back, I enlisted the ladies for some quality assurance. Worked perfect first time!

Puzzle-- Loop?!
Aside: Afterwards, Lego and I tested the unit with some SF Alpha 3. That crafty bastard managed to find a way out of my corner trap, and stole the best of three with his vanilla Ryu. Grrr...

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