Friday, December 12, 2008


From: Big Sis Prinny
Sent: Tue 12/09/08 12:06 PM
To: Killa

Sorry I keep bombarding you with e-mails today. Anyway, I was looking at Kotaku's annual gift guide, nothing much good on it this year, but it mentioned Udon's The Art of Capcom, which I gave you last year (I think). Check it out, it looks like it has appreciated in value. I just thought that was funny.



Killa said...

Wow, I really am letting everybody else write my blog for me this week, aren't I?

But check the link, the book mentioned (which is tres cool btw) has definitely appreciated.

I, of course, remarked to Big Sis Prinny that the copy she saw was mine. ^.^

Catherine said...

I can't believe you would sell the XMas present I got you. T.T This year I will get you a Big Mouth Billy Bass; let's see you sell THAT.