Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Odds and Ends, Proto Edition

On top of what I have just stated in the last post, it's very hard to make progress on the Backloggery when I keep booting up Mega Man 9. Proto Man Mode has gotten significantly more daunting now that the realization has hit me that I need to beat all four Wily stages in one run without the aid of the Shop. The only plausible way of doing this is to start playing through, retaining every E-Tank I come across, stockpiling them until the final run through. I suppose I could forage through the stages I've already beaten, but practicing the Fortress run should make things go more smoothly.

Both polls have closed, and the people have spoken. A chick dressed as Old Snake with Raiden face camo can be hot, and in respect to the minority, yes, it is also pretty complicated. Also, I will retain my PS2 MvC2 copy in the face of an impending downloadable release, though that would have happened regardless of how you voted.

I went to a Dirtbox Radio broadcast on Sunday and saw the illustrious HeBe GB throw down a hot set, littered with some of my old faves. I'll be sure to post the link when the MP3 is available later this week. Of special note is (what I believe to be) the Loxy and Dylan remix of California Curse. I know I'll be rocking that in the S in the very near future. Catching the set did whet my appetite for the old habit, and GB has invited me to practice up and throw down a tag set at some point. An enticing offer I am sure I will take him up on sooner or later.

You Know Who He Be.
And after a dominant performance in my awesome absence, I return to AwkSi tonight for hopefully another win over ▲ Force. Four of my core players held it down last week so I could enjoy an extremely successful Happy Hour, so I owe it to them to pull out all the knowledge stops this time. We seem to have a pretty tight stranglehold on first place for our location, barring any trouncings in the coming weeks.

I think that's all. Oh yeah, save yourself $10 and don't see Saw V.


Grace said...

i meant to write all that crap here. HeBe GB is an effing amazing alias. i'm quite jealous

Killa said...

Well, it is true. He be GB.