Friday, October 31, 2008

Kilitical Discussion

Anybody think the Bradley effect is going to show up on Tuesday? I know it's been considered immaterial in modern elections, but we're talking about Pennsyltucky, the Heartland, yo. A lot of rubes out there can be highly susceptible to social desirability bias. And mange for that matter.

If you don't know about wtf I'm talking, go read yourself some Wikipedia and then stop back to comment.

Speaking of polls, don't forget to voice your opinion on Nana and Popo at right.

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Josh said...

I'd be shocked if we saw a Bradley effect Tuesday. I think most of the discussion about it has been pre-CYA work by the news agencies. I really do think we'll get an Obama landslide. The only thing I'm still wondering about is if we'll get a Democratic supermajority in the Senate. has the odds around 22% for that now.. so not likely.