Monday, October 27, 2008

Cabinet Fever

So, yeah. Slow goes it on the Mame cabinet. Lego and I have taken some preparatory steps, but there is not a lot of free time betwixt now and All Saints. Realistically it would be at least another week before we could actually have it functionally running, and likely another week of polish to have the entire piece solid.

You can tell this is our first cabinet, and actually first large scale project of this nature. We've gone with 1/2" MDF, as opposed to the 5/8" and 3/4" specified in a few plans. This is due to availability and the probability that we will not be too hard on the unit. Reinforcing the monitor shelf should alleviate any structural issues, as nothing else in the cabinet should compare to the heft of a CRT.

There is such a flood of other games into the market at the moment, I find myself very distracted from the project. Fallout 3 drops today, and I've been following the media far too closely over the last six months to not pick it up first day. Penny Arcade Adventures finally lands on PSN Thursday as well, and likewise I am too big a fan to hesitate for long. The new PC should be arriving late this week or early next, and that, of course, will be followed by a quick Steam-powered acquisition of Cryzzisis to really evaluate the 9800GX2. Still need to play Bioshock as well; I've been lucky thus far not to have the twist ruined.

These bright shiny new gaming experiences are the competition for the classic Mame action. I know as soon as it is up and operable, a few marathons sessions of Konami's X-Men will be unstoppable. I then will try to steer Keif towards some cooperative Metal Slug. But until I rock the shit out of somebody with a V-ism Custom Combo in Street Fighter Zero 3, it will not have been truly played.

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