Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cosplay of teh Year

Damn dis bitch is good at dressing up.

I ran into this awesome sauce Old Snake with Raiden Face Camo MGS4 Cosplay over at the House Crescente Built. Lil' Twin and myself both marveled at it, and she was able to confirm it is actually the world's greatest cosplayer Omi Zombie.

Our original debate was whether this was a Raiden cosplay as Kotaku stated, or Old Snake cosplay with aforementioned Raiden Face Camo. (If this doesn't make any fucking sense to you, go play MGS4.) I sided with Kotaku, as when Raiden first shows up in South America Act II, he is donning a trench coat, which he then tosses onto the radome module of one of the Gekkos he decimates.

Bis Sis Prinny turned out to be correct, however, as was evidenced by her own description of the costume. Upon closer inspection, a shirt and tie can be seen as well, which is part of Old Snake's Eastern European disguise.

Definitely check out the rest of her cosplays. Tons of great MGS, especially the Boss, both in her fatigues (with the Sorrow) and in her Sneaking Suit. Teh Awesome. Nice Eva, too. Way better than the skank I got a shot with at PAX. (Sorry, Skank.)

But it begs the question, can a chick dressed as Old Snake or Raiden be hot? Answers to the right, pls.


Josh said...

Wow, that's all one girl? That's really amazing.

You might have had an easier time identifying the Eastern European costume if you'd have been worse at the game.. I spent so much time worrying about if my bright brown coat was going to attract attention hehe..

Killa said...

Oh, come on. I didn't even use the E.E. disguise on the third playthrough. All about the octocamo.

And FYI, the cardboard box is stellar for the tailing sequence of Act III. The searchlights pass right over it. Believe me, on Extreme it will make life a lot easier.

Josh said...

I thought you were locked into the E.E. disguise? Guess I'm remembering wrong. And playing through on Extreme? haha yeah.. maybe some day.

Killa said...

No, you're free to change, but the E.E. disguise is very handy. Being spotted by patrols won't count as an alert, as long as you don't stir up trouble. Octocamo spot is instant alert.

And ya'll know I don't fuck with alerts.