Sunday, October 12, 2008

Financial, Crysis

Got a WaMu credit card application in the mail the other day. This other day being the day after WaMu folded/got pwned. The collapse is understandable, though, you know. A big company like that is bound to run into some financial difficulties. I mean, what did they know about managing money, anyways? ... Funny is all, that I would get a credit card application from a company that had gone out of business while the correspondence was in transit. That's the credit crunch for ya, (I guess).

So anyways, as tempting as it was to try and get a Visa branded with a failed bank, I chose to skip the middle man and apply for a Chase card. The primary goals being the acquisition of a new gaming PC to replace the old rig, and the enjoyment of an introductory 0% APR with which to spread out the financial hurt. And when I say "old rig" I mean the POS, totally hijacked, functionally worthless desktop that I haven't turned on in a month.

I haven't even really been a real PC gamer for quite some time, and you can find much more eloquent articles on the idiosyncracies of the modern PC gaming market elsewhere if you're not in the know. Oddly, the game that has been the greatest impetus for obtaining a state-of-the-art system is notorious for being one of the worst culprits in the performance one up-manship racket. That game being Crysis.

That, Left 4 Dead (which doesn't appear to be coming to my console anywhere in the foreseeable future, if ever), and maybe even Starcraft II have whet my appetite for a new box. Here's hoping a Geforce 9800GX2 has what it takes. I can't sell myself on shelling out to crossfire two GX2's, though the option is always out there.

Anyways, I expect to get my Chase card any day now. Let's see how much credit will be afforded to a refusenik such as myself...

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