Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Insert Witty Title Here [Tekken 6 Online]

My big three are Sergei, Alisa, and Lars.

Big Drag is something like 71-75 now, hovering around 48%. I still need to work my ass off for decent results, but overall the practice is making me quite the ferocious DRA. I'm probably more like 60% on stages with walls; makes a huge difference when your big damage is in the corner. I've been within a couple of wins of hitting 50% but keep running into road blocks.

Alisa Bosconovitch is sitting around 60%. Lego and I traded off in a player match room the other day, and at his suggestion I switched to Alisa when I jumped back in and ran the next four matches. Nice damage and speed, but if I can't catch them with uf+4,4, I have a hard time of building momentum.

Lars is coming along nicely. I spent some time with his move list, learning the flow of Silent Entry and Dynamic Entry, before heading online. I went 7-0 until I ran into a mean Zafina, and then two matches against a 93% Marduk. My 7-4 currently is less impressive, but I've only just begun to use his arsenal. Love using uf+3,WR+2,1(B!),d+3+4,f,2 on the unintiated. Tons of ways to get out of the last hit, but to anyone who doesn't know better, it hits backrollers like whoa. Oh, and Lars' 1P Costume FTW; the cape really disguises SE and DE progressions.

Laws, though. Why so many damn Laws?

One after another...

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