Saturday, December 12, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Inside [Thermostatic Resistance]

JCasa has still not turned on the heat. Yeah, that's dedication, we know. Between the space heater, a couple of heated blankets, leeching heat from our neighbors, and thinking warm thoughts we've been able to make it by. Now it's starting to become a bit of a contest, to see who will be the first to break down and fire it up.

Thankfully my spirit guide, Frost Walrus from Mega Man X4, has agreed to help me illustrate the levels of cold one may experience whilst at JCasa. Right now, it's Extremely Cold. Mornings, typically it dips down to Cold as Balls. I think we may capitulate and turn the heat once it stays at Cold as Fuck for a day or more.

Frost Walrus says, 'Only You Can Prevent Forrest Sires'


Sarah said...

Whenever you think you're too cold and are tempted to turn on the heat, just leave your body. ^.^

CFG said...

You need to get some Atomic Fire.