Sunday, December 27, 2009

Fightathon Generation Results

Lego crushes it like a coke can winning five out of six events. Final point tally:


He knocked me out early in SFIV, walloped me in the SFA3 final, owned Tekken 6, withstood the competition in SCIV, and edged me out of Brawl. And he came in second in his worst game MvC2.

Fighting data to follow as soon as I gather my objective sportsmanship.


LeGoMaN said...

Thats three in a row... Did I break it?

CFG said...

High score . . . is that bad?

Sarah said...

Spilla, don't boost his ego even more than nec. He didn't exactly OWN Tekken... I def put up a good fight. You're just mad because he PWNed your arse... in errytang.

Killa said...

Mad? I'm furious.

Btw, results up.