Sunday, December 6, 2009

Back in the Cab'net [MAME Cabinet Revitalization]

The Software Engineer, who as we have already established could use a better Killa Blog pseudonym, was kind enough to swing by Jcasa after TKD to reright the Mame cabinet's computational conundrum. A little trickiness later, it is back in operation.

It may be a little sensitive in its new home, but it performed like a champ last night. Some Puzzloop, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, Puyo Puyo, Marvel Vs. Capcom, and a full playthrough of X-Men later, I'm pretty goddamn confident in it. If you've been combating an unhuman thirst for Joust, now is the time to hit us up.

This also clears one of the roadblocks for the next Fightathon. Still toying with different formats... Expect a post shortly with some ideas.


Sarah said...

Way to give me some credit for giving you a computer to make it all happen, Spilla...

Killa said...

Shit, yeah, sorry. Checked back a few MAME posts... thought I had already mentioned it. ^_^;