Monday, November 9, 2009

What Am I an Aggregator? II

Wow, that title is a throwback, son! Man, has this year flown by.

Here's a little best of Kotaku:

New School, Meet Old Skool

An old friend decries the decision to bring minigames back for Super Street Fighter IV.

Oh, and this essay by Guido Pellegrini, sounds like something I outlined to Big Sis Prinny about game antagonists being identified with game designers. Should've written that.

And a couple non-Kotaku items:

Deer got into the lion's den at the National Zoological park. Here's a clip via Hulu through the safe confines of Google Video. ALso, please enjoy 52 year old Guamanian Ann Curry being so stoic.

Oh, and I did some iPhone trolling over at Greater Debater.

Oh, and just for fun, this:

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