Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bangalangin' [L4D2 Demo Impressions]

The demo comprises two sections from The Parish level. Just like last time, you and three other survivors (whether they be CPU AI or online compatriots) blast your way through the infected horde towards some destination. Sometimes it's the simple pleasures, no?

I played the demo last time 'round, but never purchased the original Left 4 Dead. I remember it being one of the few attractions at PAX 2008 that I didn't find an opportunity to enjoy. Throughout the weekend the lines for L4D were significantly longer than anything I ran into at SeaTac.

With all the talk about sequelizing L4D in lieu of supporting and expanding it, I was a little hard pressed to observe these major improvements they spoke of. Then again, I'm not a hardcore fan nor the developer, so I'm not really suited to say what merits a full-fledged follow up. I will say it looks better, has more enticing modes of play, more unique infected varieties, and more weapons and items. But again, I didn't shell out for L4D(1), so what do I care if they jumped the sequel gun?

This demo is an absolute fucking blast.

This demo is an absolute fucking blast.

Just thought I'd make that doubly clear. Even if you have no intention of getting into a PC FPS and would never buy it, if you think your box can run it, get it. It's just a hell of a good time. It's a simple, fast-paced pick-up-and-play oft-hyphenated experience that feels like it's over far too soon, which is a good demo attribute.

The second area entails a segment wherein an alarm at the top of a tower is attracting the horde, and it seems to be a wise course of action to rush through the chainlink fence maze to get to the target ASAP. I ran ahead of my teammates to accomplish this, but as the maze snakes around, we got the opportunity to blast zombies attacking one another through the fences. Another neat way to use teamwork. I replayed the demo almost exclusively for this alarm tower event, because it is straight exhilarating.

First time through was single player, and my second go round was with internet peeps. One of the knuckle-draggers on my team just didn't understand getting into the safehouse at the end of the level. I tried to shoot around him to get his attention, and (somewhat) accidentally killed him with my rifle. I then grabbed my defib and brought him back, which seemed to stimulate the level ending centers of his brain, as he then complied with my suggestion.

Not sure if I'm going to jump on this immediately on Tuesday, as I've also got Assassin's Creed 2 to resist, and an extremely heavy schedule at work for the rest of the month. But, if this demo is any indication, L4D2 is the can't miss shooter of the holiday season. (Oh, unless you're a MW2 person...)

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