Thursday, November 26, 2009

Plus Four [SSFIV Roster Reveal]

Scans of the new Famitsu confirm four new challengers in SSFIV. Adon, Cody, and Guy are all shown, and the third image shows Guy blocking a Kunai, Ibuki's projectile.

In my last post on the subject, I was pretty dead on in following popular predictions. I'm glad to see Ibuki, and pretty meh for the Alpha trio. Right now the roster additions look like: T. Hawk, Dee Jay, Juri, Cody, Guy, Adon, Ibuki, and most likely Hakan.

Still no sightings of Hakan, but it looks like this'll be what we're getting. Still the possibility of some extra new characters, DLC characters, and a new secret boss.

Stay tuned as uzh.

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