Thursday, November 26, 2009

KLAK! [Tekken 6 Technical, Online]

Got the Shanksshivving patch installed. This has smoothed out Tekken 6's online quite a bit. It's always nice to see a company being responsive and effective in this sort of situation. Parameters for Ranked Matches can now be adjusted, allowing one to prioritize by connection quality or rank. It's best to fight opponents of a similar rank to rank up, but you can get a lot more 4 (green) and 5 (aqua) connection matches with the connection quality option.

I knocked out Scenario Campaign yesterday, which ended up being a little cooler than I thought. I kind of wish I had gone through with Lars, so that I could have avoided the peculiarity that is playing as one character and appearing in cutscenes as another. At least I got a ton of items for Sergei and Alisa, and five or six million dollars to boot. The Comic Effect items are unlocked by finishing this mode, which adds the 'Bam!' or 'Klak!' bubbles to spark animations. I had been wondering wtf that was.

I've been working my ass of to try and keep Sergei competitive against Legoman. I'm getting really good at piling on damage once I ground an opponent or run them into a wall. Right now the set up du jour is the 4,1 Karnov kickspin which on hit or block sets up the f,f+1+2 Blizzard Rush grab, after which I've been connecting like 95% of the time with the 3,1,2 string either as a pickup/okizeme or catching the opponent back-turned.

Lars is intriguing me, but my initial dabbling has not gone well. Fought a Yoshimitsu online. I had heard that Yoshimitsu had been tweaked into an expert only character; don't know if this individual was an expert or not, but he sure as fuck beat me like one...

Curiouser and curiouser...

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