Thursday, September 17, 2009


Part Three: Variety is the Splice of Life

I've made it to and through Arcadia, the leisure park of Rapture. I reckon I should've wondered how they supplied oxygen to this underwater city... Trees, son!

New gameplay mechanics keep popping up, which is refreshing this far into a game. Odd junk items started turning up just before I found my first U-Invent machine, a nifty way of crafting (primarily) bad ass ammo. It's interesting the number of resources on which one has to rely: junk, health, EVE, money, ADAM, ammo, auto-hack tools, film... (If I had wanted to make a spreadsheet, I would've played Disgaea 3.)

Splicers have been keeping it fresh, with the newfangled ability to disappear and reappear while attacking. Startles the shit out of me on the reg. Makes a lot of previous tactics rather ineffective.

I did realize I haven't fought a Bouncer Big Daddy since the end of the Medical Pavillion. I've been getting pretty handy dispatching Rosies, and I think a rude awakening may be in store whenever I run into another up close and personal encounter. Oh well, back to the U-Invent for more armor-piercing auto rounds...

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