Sunday, September 13, 2009


Chapter II: Kitchen Sink Approach

I have to say, after a slow start, Neptune's Bounty has gone swimmingly. Almost immediately upon entering the level, the first Daddy/Sister pair were shlumping their way 'cross my path. This time around the three Daddies lurking are Rosies, the long-range counterpart to the melee Bouncer. Even with a pretty nice supply of health and EVE, I ran into some issues.

I stocked up on Armor-piercing pistol ammo, but couldn't bring him down. I tried hacking some gun turrets before engaging it. Died. I tried waiting until a group of splicers barraged him, to no avail. I tried the Medical Pavillion technique but just couldn't put him down. Wouldn't you know it? It was merely a matter of addition. Decided to throw everything at this mofo except the Kitchen Sink (which I couldn't find, but otherwise would have thrown). Hack the turrets, let the splicers distract him, blast him with explosive cannisters, Electric Bolt him at every turn, and then unload on him. Voila. Tough cookie, that one.

Luckily, this made my third rescued Little Sister, and for this I got a very nice care package including the Hypnotize Big Daddy plasmid. (You know how much I love Hypnotize.) Between the Daddy-on-Daddy action and getting my grubby paws on the Grenade Launcher, the Bounty's Sisters were soon all accounted for.

But, fuck, these goddamn Spider Splicers. When enemies came at me with pipes, I took it in stride. I didn't even whine much when they started firing at me and tossing grenades. But when they start crawling along the ceiling and hurling hooks at me, I take it personally. Not enough that I had a specifically tough one to kill, but as I meandered around I was required to take research photos of them. Pretty neat actually, the way the photography mechanic works, rewarding good shots of enemies with tips, damage bonuses, and combat tonics.

I think I'm on the brink of some wild shit, fo' real tho'. Scraped my way through a splicer encounter sans weapons and am now on my way to the submarine dock. I've purposely avoided spoilers for the last, like, two years, though I have heard I've got some twists and turns in store. Don't worry; I'll keep you posted.

♫♫Friendly Neighborhood Spider Splicer♫♫

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