Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Where It's Due (Smash Edition)

From: HC13
Sent: Wed 3/11/09 12:06 AM
To: Killa
Subject: Hmph.

I am so sad that my super awesome Smash Bros skills weren't broadcasted on KB.
But I did get your ass whooped.



Killa said...

Yeah, tis true. I didn't claim victory in any of the four player free-for-alls from Saturday night. I think I was only perhaps third in kills, too, behind HC13 and Lego.

And, yes, ABRNY did claim the top spot in one of the brawls.

Meh, I'm more of a one-on-one Smasher anyways...

HC13 said...

hmm...You were tied for third in kills.

I claimed the top spot in only ONE of the brawls?

Please don't low ball me. You saw me beaming with glee on Saturday and it wasn't because of ONE brawl.

And no, I definitely can't see you one-on-one.

Killa said...

Okay, we weren't all as clear-headed as you. Maybe you won a couple...