Sunday, March 22, 2009

Welcome to Africa [RE5 Impressions]

Nothing like seeing three black men dragging a helpless screaming white woman into a filthy, primitive shack with the intention of brutally forcing something down her throat.

Predictably, upon entering the shack, the white woman staggers towards you and attacks. A few headshots later, the forcibly inserted parasite bursts forth from her neck. Ah, Resident Evil.

So yeah, RE5 is teh shiznitto-bomb-snip-snap-zap.

I've been playing through Cooperatively with Lego's Sheva backing up my Chris. Just last night my game caught up to the progress of his single player venture, wrapping up Chapter 3-2, apparently finishing the Marshlands segment. Have to say the tribal Majinis were very cool. Not much use in knocking down ladders when muh fuckas can leap ten feet in the air...

Lego, of course, has known what's coming and for the most part has had to bite his tongue. A Quick Time Event involving dodging crocodiles was especially funny, as he had to sit and wait for Redfield to be devoured. On some other occasions, though, he has made the decision to alert me to upcoming dangers so we can plan ahead if a Freakin' Chainsaw Guy is on the horizon.

Love the melee, by the way. I think it would have been amusing if Capcom had borrowed the "Shoryuken!" sound effect from Street Fighter for Chris' Uppercut, but that's just wishful thinking.

I'm used to the inventory system now, and though I did really like the old briefcase interface of RE4, this seems much more well-suited for cooperative, as it doesn't stop the action. The TMP was my favorite sidearm in 4, and this time around I'm focusing on upgrading the VZ61 Scorpion, a videogame mainstay (btw best fucking weapon ever in MGS:PO Online). I've relegated the Magnum to Lego out of the kindness of my heart, and the fact that he's a little thriftier with ammo.

Anyways, so far, so good. Definitely some creepy moments to be had, but we're clearly still in the early parts of the game, and have enjoyed some varied segments, including a rail-shooter fight against an El Gigante (or whatever the Swahili equivalent is) on the back of a jeep, an airboat jaunt, and most recently escaping the docks on a speedboat. Probably close to getting into the usual nitty-gritty, close quarters high tension bread-and-butter of the series.

Will keep you updated. And anyone else playing the game, please feel free to comment or correspond. *cough*G Double*cough*

So, body paint, huh?


Gabe said...

Nice! I just got into Chapter 4 last night, up to 4-2 I think. So far the El Gigante was the toughest fight.

I've been focusing on upgrading the shotgun and sniper rifle. The rifle is surprisingly useful, even in close quarters, and ammo for it is pretty abundant.

Killa said...

I've been mostly playing second fiddle on Lego's game. Just beat Chapter 5 last night.

Fucking love the Grenade Launcher. Acid rounds are great against Licker β's, electrics for the Reapers, and flames against Uroboros.

Just got to bug Lego to keep me stocked.