Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Day

Today is... not the greatest.

Passable, though.

An excerpt of early morning shit talking re: prospective SFIV with HC13's big bro.

HC13: He asked which player you used...I told him Geif cuz that's what it said on KB... Is that right? He said Zangief suxx0rs and that he will school you with Ryu.
KIL: Ryu... how bland...
HC13: Talk shit, get hit.
KIL: Oh, shit, it's on.

I don't actually plan to use the Red Cyclone, though. Don't like the circular inputs with the online delay. Prolly The Boxer or Gouki. <3 Dash Straight -> Crazy Buffalo.

Composed a haiku from motivational speaking magnet words earlier. Can't recall the entire thing at the moment.. Will update later. Here's what I recall:

Blog natural, Wow!
Stage Skills, Ideas - _______________
_____________ Sought-after Now

Feeling almost feverish... Am I sick?

"Unh. Sicka than yo' average."

Ran into Talavera. Hate catching up with people. "How are you?" "You going back to school?" "Are you married?" "How is so-and-so?" "Salaried or hourly?" Always nice to see someone who thinks highly, but, so odd to see him. It's an Irish show tonight. Why would he be here? So random.

Bad day so far. Fresh socks help.

"Killa twist cabbage of Instinct."


HC13 said...

I lied, he actually said Ken instead of Ryu.
Ken or Akuma.

Killa said...

Oooh. I fuck with Akuma, too.

But can he unleash the Wrath of the Raging Demon on teh KIL?!