Friday, March 6, 2009

Input Science [SFIV Technical]

You know, I've never claimed to be a Street Fighter expert. Sure, I could throw down some basic V-ism in Alpha 3, and parry my way out of a sticky situation in 3S. Well, I've been learning quite a lot recently in IV. Allow me to share.

I've unlocked everyone now, including Seth, which meant beating Arcade mode with everyone. Even Dan. (I give Dan a hard time, but Dhalsim actually proved to be the toughest.)

Fucking around with Lego and some of the peripheral characters, I realized while playing as the Boxer (Balrog/M.Bison) that preparing his Turn Around Punch (Hold PPP or KKK, release) did not necessarily interfere with charging his Ultra, the Violent Buffalo (Charge B,F,B,F+PPP or KKK). And yeah, I realized this while playing, and told Lego I was going to do it. Next Tiger Shot thrown was easily avoided with the Turn Around Punch startup, and the powerful strike combined with the Ultra is a stupid fuck ton of damage. Needless to say I hit it the next round, too. (If I can hit once, I can hit twice...)

But peep this. Working on the Trial Mode with the Boxer, I was tasked with linking the Dash Straight (Charge B,F+P) with his Super, the Crazy Buffalo (Charge B,F,B,F+P or K). I quickly deduced, through trial and error, that I did not have enough time to recharge back between the moves, natch. Instead, just as you can throw a crouching medium kick into the double quarter circle motion, you can add the Dash Straight input into the Crazy Buffalo.

Charge Back, Forward + Punch (Dash Straight) ->
Back, Forward + Punch (Crazy Buffalo)

It is somewhat enthralling to be learning so much.

Now, as I have referenced it before, is the Sagat vs. Dhalsim final of a SFIV tournament in Japan. Let's see if middle-low tier Sim and best the de facto "best" character in the game at the competitive level.

Check out the Teleport Combos at 7:45. Pimp as shit.

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