Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Them Six Eyed Freaks

Beat Resistance 2 single player campaign last night. For the nth time, it really is a crying shame that there was no split screen coop for this mode. I really do like the eight person split screen online coop; I really do. But the single player would have a lot more replayability for me and my household if we could cooperate.

On the plus side, though, it's great. Much better than the first game's campaign, which I thoroughly enjoyed. More varied environments (Louisiana), new weapons (Magnum), better enemies (Chameleon) and AI, and extremely cool boss battles (Chicago), that the first joint mostly lacked. Also of note, they included the sprint which was only available in multiplayer last time around.

Not sure if I'm going to muster a hard playthrough at the moment, what with the backlog growing and everything, but I really am trying to encourage Keif or Lego to give it a shot. It really is kind of a waste not to be able to share it. If Insomniac had their heads on straight, they would definitely release a DLC patch adding the two player possibility.

Oh, and the ending was kind of crazy. Wonder how they'll set up the next one.


CFG said...

Did the main guy turn out to be a lost civilization's dying dream? That's how I expect everything to end anymore.

Killa said...