Wednesday, February 4, 2009


So, OMG, the RE5 demo is motherfucking tizzight.

Played a little solo and then with Keif to get the hang of it, and then attacked in earnest with Lego later on. He and I managed to beat the Public Assembly portion (once we realized that we didn't have the capacity of defeating Astaroth). Yeah, FYI you can't kill the gianormous hooded executioner, AFAIK, so just clear out a lot of guys and then run around in the area opened up after the fence gets smashed. Eventually your air support will trigger a cutscene ending the segment.

We then fell prey to the chainsaw-toting sack-headed enemy in the Shanty Town level, just as I had when playing alone. Boo-urns.

As I have been most recently playing Resistance 2, the stop-and-pop gameplay (as opposed to run-and-gun) was a bit of a system shock. I also need to get the hang of the realtime inventory system, but so far I really like the feel of RE5. The battles are appropriately stressful and risky, and you really have to rely on your partner to get out of bad situations. The graphics are great; pay special attention to the relative lighting effects when you cause an explosion.

Cannot wait for the full version... And, strangely, Capcom's stock (9697.T) keeps trickling downward; ¥1,598 at the moment. Hmmm... I know software sales are only a portion of their business, but this is going to be a megahit.

Unrelated Capcom Note: Won a best three out of five with Lego in SFA3 last night. Won with Blanka A-ism over Sakura (or was it Legs?), lost to Ryu, won then lost with Charlie V-ism vs. Ryu, and won the final with Birdie A-ism over Ryu in the last match. W00t.


CFG said...

Isn't there a Killzone 2 demo as well? You are slacking bro.

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