Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ohm My God [Resistance 2 Coop]

So, before I had said I liked Resistance 2's cooperative multiplayer. This was true. This was also before Keif got the Special Ops class past level 10. Somewhere around this point the branching mission objective tree broadened significantly, and the difficulty got turned up to 11. This mode is so much fucking cooler now.

The variety of tasks involved in these levels now is at least quintupled, and we're seeing parts of levels we've never seen before. The Play function on the Coop menu puts you into a level with people near your level and appropriately ramps up the difficulty, and, like, whoa. The missions are much more intense now, and Mission Failed is a constant threat. Luckily we're starting to get into some of the really handy class upgrades to compensate. By the time I write this, Keif has probably obtained the Shock Suppressor, increasing the Marksman's rate of fire.

We were playing in an area I had never seen before wherein a three star Titan was blasting away accompanied by a gang of one star Grims running amok, meanwhile a pack of invisible Chameleons would flank around and murderize my poor Medic. This, of course, on top of the de rigueur platoons of Hybrids firing at us from cover.

But, I do love a challenge. Heaven or Hell, Let's Rock.

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