Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Habanero Dash, et al

Very excited for SFIV, as one could expect. I've been following lots of tidbits of released info, and came across this movelist over on Capcom Unity. Disappointed not to see Gouki's arsenal, as I'd really like to see if the Hyakki Shū (aka Hundred Demons Attack) was retained, and with what options.

Anyways, was looking at the newcomers' lists, and was shocked, shocked! I say, to see the names given to luchador El Fuerte's techniques: Habanero Dash, Fajita Buster, Gordita Sabat, Quesdilla Bomb, Chile Mexicano. I mean, wow. I'm racist, but this is some blatant shit. (Yes, admittedly, Habenero Dash is a really cool name for a move. Then again, I already referenced Hundred Demons Attack, so it's a sliding scale.)

Perhaps the Japanese don't really have a firm grasp on the Mexican culture beyond its cuisine, and this would formulaically lead to a charcter described as a Mexican gourmand/wrestler travelling the world in search of recipes/fights. It's just a bit cliché. Couldn't they have taken lucha libre seriously and named the attacks after famous luchadors, per chance? Or, better yet, call him El Coyote and have him fighting to defend his human trafficking operation! That would have been cool.

I suppose it could be worse. Zangief is, after all, a rabidly Communist, vodka-swilling bear.

Propeller Tortilla, FTW

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