Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tron - Drillin' Like a Villain [Tron MvC3 Kill Combo]

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[Tasky alpha assist > M Beacon Bomb > H Drill xx King Servbot > H xx Lunch Rush XFC H Drill (mash) > H, S, j.H, j.S, cr.H + Hulk beta assist]

80 hits
1.3million+ (enough to kill any character in the game)
Builds 1.5 meters (not bad)
Burns XFC and 2 meters

It's a very easy execution combo off of Tasky's assist containing two H Drills and two Hypers with an OTG into Hulk. As you can hear, all the links are 100% mashable. Just mash it till it works.

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