Friday, March 4, 2011

Let Me See That Tron [MvC3 Combo Notes]

Tron Extendedj.H, H Drill, M, Gustaff Fire,
j.L, j.M, j.H, (land),
j.M, j.M, j.S, (land),
S, sj.M, sj.M, sj.H, sj.S, (land),
A2, Beacon Bomb,
Servbot Beatdown, H, Lunch Rush
Tasky Rushdowncr.M, H, Spidey Swing,
j.M, j.M, Spidey Swing,
j.M, j.M, j.H, (land),
Shield Skills, S, sj.M, sj.H, Vertical Hyper Arrows
Pool 2x Quick WorkL, M, H, H Quick Work,
L, M, L Quick Work (Cuttin' Time??)

Tron, T-Tron, Tron, Tron
As they say, no rest for wicked. Finally got my 100 ranked wins, but this only means it's time to stop punishing scrubs and to start getting down to the ol' nit'n'grit.

The team that earned me those hundred ranked wins (Hulk, Tasky, Pool) is being put on the back burner while I work on a more versatile, more powerful team. I've put Tasky on point and I'm retraining myself to execute his powerful rushdown in contrast to my lame keepaway methods of yore. Tron is in for her high HP, and her long combos. Deadpool is keeping his anchor spot for now, though I need to work out a few assist situations, and I may find I don't need him for his quick OTG.

The extended Tron combo is something akin to Clakey D's signature sequence. I've yet to master the rejump, but another round or two in training and I'll have it. It builds a lot of meter and does respectable damage. For the assist (A1) after the OTG (cr.H), I am hoping Tasky's Horizaontal Aim Master assist will function like Sent's Charge Drones in setting up the Beacon Bomb. If not, I will likely rework the end of the combo in to something akin to [(land), Pool OTG Assist, Beacon Bomb, H, Beatdown, H, Lunchtime]. Will probably need some fine tuning. [UPDATED: Yep. (land), OTG Assist, Beacon Bomb, Servbot Beatdown, H, Lunch Rush.] I didn't include it, but there's always the option to DHC Lunchtime, or XFC into another Lunchtime.

(Without Hulk on point, I don't need Tasky's Parabolic assist to accompany my Gamma Wave spam.)

For the Tasky rushdown, it's tough to reliably hit the [Shield Skills, S] against some characters, and it is vital to superjump vertically to stay with the opponent. Against a big hitbox like Sentinel, I can actually go into another Spidey Swing instead of the Shield Skills, and keep that sequence going a little longer, though hitstun decay haunts the end of that combo.

I was messing around with some Deadpool combos to give me more options up close. I found that double Quick Work combo to be pretty flashy, but I have yet to test if I can tag on a Cuttin' Time Hyper after the second QW. Here's hopin'. [UPDATED: Nope.] Also of note, Cuttin' Time DHC to Parabolic Hyper Arrows is stylin' sweet, though it's easy to mix yourself up and activate Tasky's Hyper Counter instead. (It doesn't look very pro...)

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