Sunday, April 17, 2011

Trickery [Tron / Hulk / Skrull DHC Trick Touch of Death Combo]

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[H Mixer, OTG cr.H + Skrull Tenderizer Assist xx Bandit Boulder, H Beacon Bomb, j.S, L Beacon Bomb, King Servbot DHC Gamma Quake, S, j.M, j.M, j.H, j.S, OTG L Gamma Wave XX Gamma Crush DHC Lunch Rush DHC He Loves You]

152 Hits
1.4+million damage
Burns 5 Meters (972k with only 2 Meters, 1.28mil with only 4)
No X-Factor

DHC from King Servbot to Gamma Quake before King Servbot hits, or else the opponent will flip out due to hitstun during Hulk's air combo, if you can even hit the launcher.

Stopping at Hulk's OTG Gamma Tsunami nets 972k damage for only 2 Meters. I think Lunch Rush kills Thor with four meters, so the fifth for He Loves You is just for kicks.

Adding the Beacon>King Servbot>Gamma Quake setup increases the damage potential of my Tron and Hulk immensely if Tasky is down.

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