Friday, December 31, 2010

It's Not Over Yet [Best Videos of 2010 Street Fighter]

The best videos in the Street Fighter world from the past year, for your enjoyment.

The Combonauts Zero Damage series of combo vids are very original. Credit to them for doing something no one else has done. This third one (embedded) has some really flashy stuff with double Seth, double Rose, and a great Ibuki-Juri scene. Hot.

Start this one at the 8:00 mark, there are a couple of moments in the last two matches, notably Warahk's reverse Super to Ultra, and Tatsu going taunt crazy in the final round. This may not be a big tournament final, but it's an extremely exciting and very competitive match.

Marn knocking Daigo out of Seasons Beatings Redemption. The most hype SF moment in quite some time, and it wasn't even Top 8.

Previously mentioned here on Killa Blog, Tokido's Top 8 match against Clakey D's Ibuki at SCR, including Tokido's godlike projector pose.

Happy New Year.

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Oh man, the magic of Rolling Thunder.