Friday, December 3, 2010

Anti-Honda [SSFIV Casuals]

Just took two matches from Lego's Honda with Cody.


It's probably been weeks since I beat his Honda with Cody; I've only occassionally stolen the odd match from him with Abel or Rufus. Maybe once with Makoto. This is certainly the first time in months I have scored a proper two-out-of-three on his Honda.

I'd been focusing on Rufus as a counterpick, using jump back roundhouse and Ultra 2 to deal damage while moving away from Honda. This has been somewhat fortuitous, but ultimately not very consistent.

Yes, I am ready to do this for realIn today's wins using Cody, I was careful to maintain wide spacing. Using b+MP to antiair, and rocks to preserve distance, I kept him out, which really prevents him from doing big damage with HHS or Oichio. Once backed into a corner, I relied on cr.MK to crossunder, and then backed off, employing back jumps with roundhouse on reaction to long headbutts.

Once Cody has Ultra, Last Dread Dust allows him to punish any blocked headbutt when Honda is in the corner, and Fierce and U1 headbutts anywhere on the screen. I'm still not positive on the vulnerabilities of jab and EX. The threat of this punish is enough (at this point anyways) to throw Lego off his game, allowing me to get a little more creative with safe jump set ups, crossups, and tick throws.

To stay ahead I'll have to work on the consistency of the anti-airs. Once I can train him to walk forward I can try to use cr.LK option select MK Ruffian Kick to knock him back out. Also, though I have felt Cody's pressure game has been too risky to spam on Honda, I believe the pressure strings will pay higher dividends just as I escape the corner, as long as I have revenge meter to punish bad reversal headbutts.

But seriously, Legoman's Honda is no joke, yo. This original post was drafted weeks ago (11/15 to be precise) and discussed the pros and cons of the different counterpicks I had been trying versus Honda. And I was literal when I said I hadn't taken a two-out-of-three from his Honda in months, which really means: since his Honda got godlike.

W00t. Nice work, Kil.

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