Monday, December 6, 2010

Anti-Honda | Part 2: Sumo's Revenge [SSFIV Casuals]

Funga!, foiled again.

Narrowly lost the Honda-Cody showdown yesterday. I was able to run the first match 2-0, but Lego came back in a big way in the second match. He was able to get in and stay in, which results in many, many, many hands slapping me consecutively.

Third match came down to the last round, and while we were both at about half health, I was able to slide my way out of the corner, and then counter-poked him with sweep for the knockdown. Heeding the sage advice I posted to myself a few days back, I walked up and threw out some normals before his wakeup, and was able to bait the Ultra headbutt, which I blocked, and then... flubbed the Last Dread Dust input. That Ultra 2 punish would have either killed Lego's Honda, or left him low enough to be chipped out by EX Criminal Upper. But, again, LDD didn't come out, Honda pushed out of the corner, and was able to get close enough to poke me out of the match.

Normally, I'm pretty sore about losing... (Last night's 11 deaths with Jungle Irelia in LoL being a prime example.) But I came away from this loss to Lego relatively buoyant. Though my technical skills failed me, my theory fighter was top notch, and I was absolutely right in the strategy I asserted last time around. (Case in point: once I have revenge meter for LDD, and just as I escape the corner, this is the time to pressure Honda, and bait a bad headbutt, as every version is punishable in the corner with LDD, when properly executed, anyways.)

Next time, Lego.

In other SF casual news, this was the first time we battled it out on the Evo monitor I recently procured, the Asus VH236H. Lego seemed to like it much as I have, and he was hitting combos with Dhalsim that I typically don't see connect. Also, I was able to keep it classy for a win in the Dudley-DeeJay matchup, and I stole the Makoto-Dhalsim pairing with a nasty Tsurugi > Seichusen Godanzuki combo.

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