Monday, October 5, 2009

Odds and Ends: Oktoberfest Edition

Still need to get a new power supply for the Mame cabinet computer. Obviously we'll need that operational for the big Tekken 6 release fightathon. What's that? You are interested in the next fighting game competition? Well hit me then. I'm thinking I'll sacrifice BlazBlue from the lineup in order to keep SFIV. Likely it'll be T6, SFIV, SCIV, SSBB, MvC2, and SFA3 as the big six. Tiebreak suggestions?

Big Sis Prinny and I wrapped up a casual afternoon by knocking out the rest of the levels in the XBLA release Bubble Bobble Neo. I believe I have mentioned before how fond I am of Bub and Bob, those irresistable bubble-spewing dragons. A lot of fun, but, man, that Level 72! >.<

And last night I was cajoled into participating in a little No Limit Hold'em tourney. I've probably only played four times in the last two years, a drastic comparison to, say, 2006, when teh crew played every night for months on end. The heads up showdown ended up as a battle of the douche bags, and as you well know, no one can out-douche Killa. Walked away with $100... (toward a PSPgo?!)


CFG said...

Are you talking about my skinny friend in this post?!

Killa said...

Oh yeah. I guess I am. Skinny, beer-bumming bastard...