Friday, October 23, 2009

Odds and Ends: Autumnal Edition

Mmmm... Nothing like enjoying a Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Latte with a Pumpkin Cake Donut on a cool Fall day...

Only like ten hours left to voice your opinion on the best canine companion in videogames. Looks like Rush and Fable 2's dog are in a dead heat for the title. Please note: If the votes are equal at the end of polling period, the title will be awarded to Fran from Final Fantasy XII.

Swapped out the Mame PC's PSU with the new one... Same problem as before... Which leads me to believe it may be the mobo... Methinks a new computer may be in order. No one has an old PC of which they're trying to get rid, do they? Hit me if you do.

Tekken 6 should be arriving @ J Casa Tuesday, so unless there's something going on that night I'm forgetting about, hit me up and come on over if you want to try your Iron Fist before Lego and I start flexing our 1337ness.

And oh yeah, what is everybody doing for Halloween? No crazy Jcasa party, so I'm leaning towards Cypress Hill @ 9:30 Club. Anything else going down?

Word is bond. Peace.


HC13 said...

You should try my pumpkin muffins. Bomb.
Uh, this might be a little too ambitious for our crowd, but perhaps taking a road trip or bus trip to NY for Halloween. Ya know, live a little.

Killa said...

Ech, New York?

If I'm going to NYC, I'm only going for one thing. The Chinatown Fair Arcade.