Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pop Songs Rewritten for Fighting Game Relevance

In Miley Cyrus' single The Climb, in my own mind, I would hear the line

"Sometimes I'm gonna have to lose"


"Hitting dives like I'm Kindevu"

whenever I've been having a run of good fortune with Rufus in SFIV. His dives (aka Vulture Kicks) are a key component of his game, and the pinnacle of mastery is definitely Japan's Kindevu, the top ranked Rufus in the world, and the only fatty that has given Daigo's Ryu a run for his yen.

This alone really didn't merit a post, until I started hearing Gaga's Love Game reimagined to be about Blazblue's Ragna and his Distortion Drive Blood Kain.

"Doin' the Blood Kain."

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