Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Noel Notes

Sorry guys, this is here for my reference. Still trying to get the hang of BlazBlue. This is not for public consumption.

Type IX: Muzzle Flitter
- A hop command grab that can also be used for combos.
- Leaves them knocked down and can be followed up with an OTG attack.
- Drive 6C and back throw combo into it. Great damage.

Drive: Chain Revolver
- Begins with an attack which activates and leaves her in Drive.
- Can be canceled out of with specials after any Drive attack.
- Will reload with recovery if it is not canceled into anything.
- Can continue into 4 continuing Drive attacks which leave her in Drive.
- Cannot be canceled into the same Drive attack twice in a row.
- Can finish into Drive ending attacks unless canceled by a special or allowed to reload.

Neutral D - High invincible, can beat out overheads. Used in both air and ground combos.
Forward D - Moves forward and hits low. Doesn't knock down, hits them up.
Back D - Attack that moves her back, can be used to make attackers whiff.
Down D - Two-hit hop that hits high. Low invincible.
j.D - Air attack that hits directly below her in the air. Can be used to guard crush or potential use as a fake cross up because it moves her quite a bit before it comes out in the air.

Continuing attacks:
Neutral A - Quick attack, used to chain drive attacks together.
Forward A - Another quick attack in which she steps forward before hitting, also used to chain drive attacks together.
Neutral B - Kicks that move forward, fair amount of push back.
Forward B - Quick overhead 1 hit attack.
Neutral C - Shot that she moves up to do. Has a fair amount of push back.
Forward C - 9 hit revolving attack that moves them away. Combos into 214A
Neutral D, Forward D, Back D, Down D - Same as starter

Ending attacks:
QCF D - Type III: Bloom Trigger: Finishing attack that moves forward and hits. Good to end with after Drive 6B. Supposedly doesn't put her at disadvantage on block.
QCB D - Type V: Assault Through: Moves forward a lot and attacks from behind. Dangerous if read.
Down, Up D - Type VI: Spring Raid: Launching attack that allows aerial followup depending on spacing. Will get punished on block.

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