Saturday, July 4, 2009

I Now Pronounce You Keif and Legoman

Yup, the big day is here.

Killa Blog has always been intentionally vague regarding personal stuff for liability reasons, but today I will be a little more open. My roommates, Keif and Legoman, are getting married today.

KB tends to dwell on the minutia of life. The small things about which people talk. Pet peeves, videogame stuff, delicious apple cultivars. But sometimes, big stuff happens in life, and this space, I reckon, ought to pay some respect to that.

It's a big analogy, really. Killa Blog is a revolutionary, ground-breaking piece of interactive media, but it's made up of all the little things in my life. My friends' life together is likewise made up of small things: vet visits, omg srsly crazy parties, grilled flatbread pizzas, lazy days at the beach. But the sum of these things is much, much bigger.

Like, spiritual union big.

Wish me luck with the toast, yo.

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CFG said...

Is that a draft of the toast? Also, so looking forward to this wedding!