Monday, May 10, 2010

Odds and Ends: Killa Blog Is Not For You Edition

Ryze has gotten me pretty damn far in LoL... Been sticking with a pretty reliable Ability Power build, and going for champion kills early. I'm up to Summoner Level 13 thanks in no small part to his Rune Prison. Just recently switched to using Ignite (instead of Ghost). My normal abmbush goes something along the lines of: Desperate Power > (Lich Bane)Attack > Rune Prison > (Lich Bane)Attack > Ignite > Overload > (Lich Bane)Attack = Kil Initial is on a Rampage.

This week's upcoming available champion rotation includes a couple of champs I am looking at maining next, including Karthus, but most notably werewolf Warwick the Blood Hunter. Apparently, he's best as a "jungler", soloing buff mobs and pulling off egregious ganks. Seems like a natural fit, seeing as I'm a junglist myself, partially lycanthropic, and prone to fits of ganking.

MvC3's roster is slowly being revealed... Marvel's Deadpool and Captain America, Devil May Cry's Dante, and Darkstalkers' Felicia join the fray officially now. I hope Deadpool's inclusion doesn't disclude the possibilty of a slot for Cable. It really shouldn't be either/or; they work so well together! I expect Mag-fuckin'-Neto and Chun Li to be in the next batch of revelations. Anybody think there's a chance for any newer Street Fighter characters to make it? (Say Rufus? Maybe Alex?)

Lego's DeeJay has been pissing me off royally. His time with Honda has taught him the charge inputs well... too well. EX Jacknife Maximum, or whatever the fuck his 'Upkicks' are called, owns a lot of my Rufus pressure. Beginning to think Abel may be a better matchup, as his crossup is a lot safer. Also may try to use Guile more, as I had a really solid set versus Lego's Sagat last night. (Man, is that charge fast now!)

Lost is almost over... This week's episode "Across the Sea" will allegedly reveal Flocke's purpose finally, "What They Died For" will air on May 18th, and five days later (Sunday 5/23) they'll show the 150 minute series finale. Can't wait. I'm pretty sure Jack Shepherd will replace Jacob, though I keep wondering what role Desmond Hume will play in the conclusion of the standard timeline, and also in the alternate scenario.

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