Saturday, April 24, 2010

Give Us Us Free [Free PC Games]

Oh Dijimon Hounsou, you talk so, so bad.

Anyways, recent feedback suggests that the number one most popular aspect of Killa Blog is that it is free. In keeping with that spirit, I'ma point y'all to a couple of really well made and enjoyable games that don't cost a muthafuckin' thing.

Vanguard Princess has been mentioned in this space before, and it is still a free PC fighting game! (You may recall futuristic gunslinger Luna Himeki won KB's GOTY award for Best New Character Design, though, admittedly, I second guess this decision everytime I play as SFIV's Rufus.) Suge9's baby is still receiving updates, and there is unofficial netplay support via Lunaport.

I've more recently dabbled into League of Legends, an online multiplayer action RPG-RTS hybrid based off of the 'Defense of the Ancients: Allstars' Warcraft III mod. It's a real joy to play and highly addictive. Highly addictive, like meth addictive. This may sound ludicrous ("On Killa Blog?! No!"), but it plays kind of like a mishmash of Diablo, Team Fortress 2, and Warcraft (the RTS, not the MMO). It's a great free game, and you can earn anything in it through time and energy, though you can always burn some scratch and unlock anything else you fancy.

Riot Games has a really nice microtransaction system in place for LoL; The game is free to download and play, and all of the Champions/playable characters (as well as many other add-ons, like palette swaps) can be unlocked either via Influence Points earned through playing the game, or through Riot Points that must be purchased in real life. Certain sets of Champions are rotated through terms of temporary availability so that new players without points can use them, and current players can try them out before purchasing.

So yeah, if you're not like me, someone who doesn't really mind plunking down cash on every (BioShock 2) new (Final Fantasy XIII) game (Super Street Fighter IV) that comes out, give these two a shot. It'll be worth your while, yo.

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