Saturday, February 6, 2010

HypoShock 2 [BioShock 2 Hype]

IGN has their BioShock 2 review up now. Absolutely tantalizing. Here's a snippet:

Your Insect Swarm plasmid will initially daze and injure enemies. Upgrade it all the way and anyone killed by the bugs will turn into a kind of living bomb, spewing out more stingers at any enemies that pass by the corpse.

Motherfucking Tuesday, son.


LeGoMaN said...

Dont know if the Tuesday release date for Bioshock 2 will still hold. At least not in this area. The inclement weather has really hurt the delivery networks. Im thinking more like Wed-Thu and that is if we dont get another 6" tmorw like they are calling for. Good luck wit that bro..

CFG said...

Now they're saying 10" to 12" tomorrow. It's not looking good.

My Name said...

I heard 10-24 total between tomorrow and Wednesday.

Killa said...

BioShock 2... Playing now. Is awesome. Killa is not deterred by Jack Frost.