Thursday, February 25, 2010

BlogoShock 2: You Can't See Me, Bitch! [BioShock 2 Second Playthrough Observations]

I'm wrapping up my Good Daddy second playthrough of BioShock 2. I've obtained the three elusive trophies for which I was gunning: Master Protector [Got through a Gather with no damage and no one getting to the Little Sister], Master Researcher [Completed all research on every subject in Rapture], and Saviour [Saved every Little Sister and spared Grace, Stanley and Gil]. There is one more (singleplayer) trophy to obtain, which is the hidden trophy 9-Irony. (Had to look that one up. I'll need to burn through the first level of a new game to get it...)

I'm not really a trophy guy, but since I was playing the shit out of the game anyways, I reckoned I'd try to catch 'em all. There is a sequence of trophies dedicated to the Multiplayer Rank, so I'll have to dedicate myself to the online if I want to achieve my first "Unlock All Trophies" trophy.

So, I thought I was crazy, but it turns out there is a glitch involving the use of the Natural Camouflage gene tonic in Fontaine Futuristics. The glitch being that it don't work. You don't turn invisible. Could have made for an awkwardly ineffective sneak attack, so, now you know.

Anyways, my final Gene Tonic loadout is noteworthy. Let's see if I can recall all eighteen:

Damage ResearchEVE ExpertSportboost
Drill PowerEVE SaverNatural Camouflage
Drill Power 2EVE Saver 2Arms Race
Drill LurkerArmored Shell 2Cure All
Drill VampireElectric FleshFountain of Youth
HeadhunterWalking InfernoMedical Expert

Not too shabby, huh? Some real nice combos in there. Haven't seen any formulas like I relayed for wrench damage in BioShock (1), but my Drill Dash on an unaware and shocked opponent has got to be maximum damage.

They are not needed at this point in my game, but I did make use of Keen Observer, Keen Observer 2, and Extended Reel to complete my research in a timely manner. I believe after I maxxed out Alpha Series research, I only reemployed these when Big Sister was coming for me. I also obtained Proud Parent and Demanding Father, gifts from rescued Little Sisters that grant you 50% more ADAM from gathering and accelerate the duration of said process, respectively.

After the big three plasmids, as promised, I added Scout and Decoy, and when available Scout 2 and Decoy 3. Scouting ahead and placing a Decoy works great. By the time your return to your body and enter the room, it's like the party started without you.

I experimented some with Winter Blast 2, though I reloaded my game and opted against it. Winter Blast, Security Command, and Cyclone Trap were not appreciably missed this time around. I always have found Cyclone Trap a little awkward to use. (Although Geyser Trap in Multiplayer is kind of fun, especially when seeking the Death From Above Trial.) I have considered a Neutral run, to obtain the third ending, but I'd have to emphasize Winter Blast, Security Command, and Cyclone Trap to make the playthrough appreciably different, which isn't enticing me currently.

So, the good news is, if you don't care about BioShock 2, I have pretty much exhausted my thoughts on the subject... on the singleplayer experience, anyways. If I continue in the Multiplayer track, I inevitably will have more to relay, but for now, you're off the Spider Splicer's hook.


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Bento Boxes! My eyes have been opened.

Also, for completion's sake, I went and got the 9-Irony Trophy last night.