Sunday, August 23, 2009

World's Strongest [Fighting Game Tournament Recap]

Lego takes another one.

Left my official scorecard at home, but I'll run through the highlights with y'all here. Our second Jcasa Fighting Game Competetion has concluded, with Legoman again winning the tiebreak in Street Fighter Alpha 3. What a guy.

Some changes this time around: the inclusion of Shwa as the third participant. Our fourth fell through, though he's expected to participate in the upcoming Tekken 6 release competition. Obviously a round-robin had to be adopted for this, and I changed the event lineup significantly. Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (one of Lego's worst), Street Figher III: Third Strike, and Guilty Gear XX ^Core were all removed. BlazBlue was added, lowering the total count to six events, with a seventh event tiebreaker. Also, we imposed a forced character change rule; players had to select a different character for each match in a contest.

Lego took Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix and Smash Brawl. I, as expected, dominated Street Fighter IV and BlazBlue. Shwa evened everything with strong showings in Tekken 5: DR, and Soul Calibur IV. (SCIV would've given the tourney to Lego had Shwa not come away with the W). Lego then handily defeated us both in SFA3. Fucker.

I thought I had the competition highlight reel on lock during my second SFIV match with Lego. We played the ye olde Sagat(LGO)-Rufus(KIL) match (after a two and out beat by my Gief over his Ryu). I managed to steal the final round with the EX Messiah -> High -> FADC -> Ultra. I have never connected that setup in a competitive match, and somehow I saw the opening and brought the pain, and even correctly Focus Attack Back Dash cancelled since he was in the corner. Pretty sweet.

Thought that was hot shit till Lego and Shwa's match in BlazBlue. Both are pretty unfamiliar, and wisely checked Command Lists to gain as much knowledge as possible. Shwa apparently is a quick study, as he won his final match with a huge comeback catching Lego in Ragna's Devoured by Darkness Distortion Drive (only available while in Blood Kain Distortion!!) which delivers a 70+ hit autocombo (with 1:1 Soul Eater health steal).

Yami ni Kuwarero
"Distortion Finish? Is that bad? Did I break it?"

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