Thursday, August 20, 2009

Summer Vacay Vs. the Backlog

So, how's the battle panning out? Don't know if y'all ever check any of the links over there on the right but that Killa's Backloggery is a record of all the games I need to finish, in addition to providing a reference to what games I have beaten, if anyone ever needs to pick my brain about MGS3, for instance. I've updated it with what I have and have yet to accomplish.

Well, Prototype is done. Wham, bam, thank you Radical Entertainment.

Don't really know if I'm going to try to get back into GTAIV this week, but it's unlikely.

Didn't add Vanguard Princess to the list, but I have checked it out a bit more since the initial download. Really cool for a free game, but I've gotten a lot on my fighting plate as it is, though it would be a good excuse to try and use one of my sticks with the desktop.

Got back into Crysis. In case anyone sees my Gchat status change to "Killin' Koreans", this is the reason, though I think I'm about to hit the meat of the game, and may have to start killing more proportionate numbers of aliens and Koreans. (Never have gotten the graphics tweaked as well I thought they ought to be, in case anyone was still wondering.)

Some nice SFIV play earlier in the week. I'm up over 8500 GP now, though Legoman is still giving me a hard time. (Haven't really Blaz'd Blue at all this week...)

And, y'know, I didn't publicly update this either, but I played Digital Devil Saga for a couple hours the other night.

Ai'ight. Back to Crysis.

Stay Cool this Summer... with Crysis!

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