Wednesday, April 1, 2009

WANTED [Lost Puma Fixation]

So, if you know me, and you probably wouldn't be here if you didn't, you know I am missing something that was very dear to me.

Like a fat kid loves cake...
You may notice something very wrong with that image. Yeah, fucking 'cause I'm not inside that soft, versatile garment.

If you can find me this hoodie, anywhere, in the proper size (L) and color (Blizzack, Entwistle!), you will be generously rewarded. I would especially like to challenge you out there that make a habit out of hunting down hard-to-find items through the internet. *cough*HC13*cough*

Any help is appreciated! I'm fucking desperate! Thank you.


HC13 said...

Fuck this fucking hoodie.
It's almost impossible to find.
All I can think of is "CNBC to the 31st power". I have a personal vendetta against this hoodie now. How dare it hide from me.

However, there is a PUMA outlet store in Hagerstown you could check out.

Killa said...

Yeah, I was thinking about that outlet. I may see if Dust-Muffin could scout it out for me, though I guess I can't be positive on the comprehensiveness of the search unless I perform it myself.

Btw, Dust-Muffin is the worst... KB psuedonym... ever.

HC13 said...

Dust Muffin?

CFG said...

Who the hell is Dust-Muffin? Anyway, I looked all over the blogoblag for your hoodie and don't find it. I don't think it exists bro. I'm no longer sure you even had one to begin with.

Killa said...

Spoke with the Hagerstown outlet. They don't have any, nor see any store in their system that does, but I got a product description number which he said may be more useful for tracking it down online.

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