Friday, April 3, 2009

Eagle Vs. Akita [Zoology]

Had the fortune to meet with two animals today. A bald eagle, and an Akita puppy. Vastly preferred interacting with the canine.

Now, I know I'm known for my penchant for advanced predators (maybe not so much), but I'm not a big fan of avians. Sure, that relatively gianormous hypothalamus and its complex vector calculations are cool. So is that mile+ vision. But birds have no zest! No anima! Nada excitamente. No thoughts behind those twitchy eyes. They are much less evolved than virtually all mammals. Especially dogs.

And especially the Akita, renowned as one of the most loyal breeds, specifically due to one famous specimen. Dogs are genetically closer to humans, and their behavioral and morphological evolution has been driven and directed by their symbiosis with early man.

That puppy was super cute-ums!

...But I bet that eagle would be delicious.


HC13 said...

birds are awesome. stop hating.

Killa said...

Oh geez, sorry. Wouldn't want to run afoul of all you birdlovers out there.


Maybe I'll just post the pic of that Akita pup to silence the naysayers.