Sunday, July 24, 2011

Don't You Know Any Other Moves? [Taskmaster UMVC3 Charge Sting New Move]

Looks like Tasky may have forgotten the events of Vanilla Marvel Vs Capcom 3, 'cause he just learned a new move!

Not sure if you can combo into Charge Sting, but reportedly and logically you can cancel Shield Skills into Charge Sting, allowing you to combo on hit, and catch opponents trying to punish Shield Skills on block. (You could do this with the arrow or counter special before, but hopefully CS will be safer.)

Also, allows a free Hyper arrows afterwards as well.

Here's hoping Taskmaster is buffed all around. He's by far best character in MvC3, and I'd love for my experience to give me a leg up if he happens to fall in God-tier in UMVC3.

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